Punta Mita Hosts Stylish Kim Kardashian

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It seems that Kim Kardashian is in love with Punta Mita and Puerto Vallarta. She has been visiting Mexico and especially Vallarta Nayarit with her family frequently this year. And why not? Punta Mita is as posh as a destination can get. It’s only obvious that the celebrities and the rich & famous would love to enjoy their vacations in a villa in Punta Mita.

Check here some of the pics of Kim Kardashian as he shows off her fabulous body.

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 Photos courtesy: Splash News/ JunkExplorer

Punta Mita is the destination of choice for those who seek luxury and natural beauty. With beautiful resorts and villas, it has caught the fancy of travelers and world wide media. Villa Real del Mar in Punta Mita is one of the most sought after villa in the region because of its locations, views and architecture. No wonder it hosts many celebrities, destination weddings, springbreakers as  well LGBT commitment ceremonies.


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