How To Plan An Intimate Wedding at Casa Valerie

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How To Plan An Intimate Wedding at Casa Valerie

Small and intimate weddings are very practical in nature as they involve less stress, work and money. A small wedding in Puerto Vallarta lets you enjoy and interact with all your guests and no one feels left out. And the money that is saved can be set aside for a larger reception. But as everything has their flip side, small weddings too have a not so good flip side to it. The most sensitive issue is to trim down the guest list. One wrong step and you will have to listen to their not so good barbs. Next you will have to choose an appropriate location which can complement the intimate feeling.

Consider the following list of do’s and don’ts before you make the decision for your life’s special day:

  • Trimming down the guest list is a very important issue. You will have to consider many things before you type down the final list. Many friends and family members may feel hurt if they are not invited. What can be done to salvage the situation is to have a small intimate ceremony and at a later time plan a larger reception. The guest list will include those who still want to celebrate with you on your big day even if they were not invited earlier and are not egoistical about it.
  • The less number of people to look after on your big day the better. Less people at the wedding allow you the chance to look for venues that would normally be inappropriate for a large wedding. These may include backyards of your best friend’s house, your loving den where you have spent some great time together, yachts, and may be your favorite café. Choosing the right venue like Casa Valerie or Villa Real del Mar is important for the couple as it is a great way to create an intimate memory cherished forever. [read our Guidelines for Your Perfect Puerto Vallarta Destination Wedding]
  • You love cooking for your near and dear ones. And what can be more fun than cooking a few items yourself for the big day, also you may save some money too. A small but delicious fare just for your special ones. How lovely! Having your mom make your wedding cake is another brilliant idea that works well for small weddings.
  • Trying to navigate around the room full of 500 enthusiastic guests and clicking pictures with each one of them can be quite a task. The new bride and groom may finally able to talk to each other in the wee hours after they have a chat with all of the 500 invited guests. A smaller wedding gives you extra time to interact with your guests on a more intimate level without being tired.
  • You may also plan for a destination wedding and which in all practical aspect may guarantee a small guest list. This is one out of the box way to have a small, intimate wedding that too in an exotic location away from the city hullabaloo. Destination weddings often at times double up as a location for a perfect intimate family vacation.

Casa Valerie is the perfect villa for an intimate destination wedding which serves as your stay for honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta once the guests leave. Wedding day is a big day for any one and the main motive should be on enjoying the moment with your family and friends wherever the location may be. Have fun!


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