DallasVoice.com Names Puerto Vallarta As Gay Friendly Affordable Destination

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Puerto Vallarta is not just a tourist destination for straights. It’s uniquely positioned as a destination which is perfect for everyone. From luxury travelers to budget tourists, families to gays everyone can have the best vacation of their lives in Puerto Vallarta. This fact has again been sealed when DallasVoice.com voted Puerto Vallarta (Where iconic Casa Valerie is located) as the most Gay friendly  off-season destination which easy on the wallet.

Value for money without compromising on luxury and services has been the hallmark of Casa Valerie and Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is known for its natural riches such as tropical forests, incredible bio-diversity, miles long beaches and a beautiful town. Mesmerized by its beauty, Neblett Valerie decided to make Casa Valerie which will later on become the most stylish and desired rental villa in Puerto Vallarta.

Casa Valerie has become one of the most prominent villas where gay couples organize their gay commitment ceremonies. Gay spring-breakers who need privacy and luxury without needing to break the bank also prefer Casa Valerie.

Casa Valerie is quite affordable for because of the ability to host large groups of up to 18 people. Considering that it has seven bedrooms, gourmet kitchen, private pool, breakfast terrace and many other amenities, Casa Valerie is the best way to stay in Puerto Vallarta. It is because of properties like Casa Valerie that Puerto Vallarta has been listed in the above mentioned article by a prestigious LGBT media.

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